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We believe that beauty is a multi-sensory experience. From intoxicating fragrances and candles to luxurious skin care products, everything we offer is thoughtfully curated for its ability to inspire, transform, and delight.

Our goal is to create an experience that connects you to your most beYOUtiful self.


Bellini’s was born out of founder Sonia Bellini’s desire to help others connect with their own unique beauty. For years, she’d been frustrated with the impossible beauty standards dictated by the media; Bellini’s was her way of doing something about it.

When Bellini’s first opened its doors in 1993 as Bellini’s European Day Spa, Portland had never seen anything like it. The spa offered innovative skin treatments and the very best skin care brands sourced from around the world. Sonia’s approach was grounded in Old World, European tradition; the results were nothing short of transformative. Through word of mouth, Bellini’s quickly gained a large following of loyal clients—many who have been coming ever since.

Two decades later, Sonia decided it was time to evolve. Realizing that fragrance was another way for people to express their individual beauty, she created an entirely new beauty experience that includes a parfumerie filled with hard-to-find scents from modern fragrance artists. And with that a name change to Bellini’s Skin + Parfumerie.

Besides Bellini’s skin treatments and intoxicating fragrances, they also offer artisan candles, luxurious body products, and many other must-haves for both women and men. While many of the brands we carry are exclusive, our attitude isn’t. Within our comfortable, welcoming space, you’ll truly find something for everyone.

So come in, say hello, and explore our sensory playground. We can’t wait to help you discover your most beautiful self.



After years of research and experience, we’ve carefully curated the best skin brands from around the world. Every product we sell is backed by science and proven to dramatically transform skin. Not sure which is right for you? Our skin experts will be happy to help.



Our niche fragrance boutique features beautiful scents from hard-to-find brands. These contemporary fragrance artists create small-batch scents using a high content of natural, organic ingredients. In the bottle, you can actually smell the real plants, flowers, spices and woods that went into each perfume. On the skin, they evolve with your body’s unique chemistry to create a fragrance that’s as individual as you are.


In addition to our remarkable fragrances, you’ll also find small-batch, artisan candles formulated with pure, natural ingredients. Richly scented and deeply nuanced, they create an intense sensory experience with the power to evoke beautiful memories, set a mood, and transform a room.


KELLY MOORE, aesthetician

Kelly joined us at Bellini’s in August of 2017 and she brought with her a wealth of knowledge.  She has been involved in aesthetics for over 24 years, having been in the beauty industry since 1992. Kelly grew up in California and moved to Portland to attend PSU. From there she went back to California for aesthetics training. After completion she returned to Portland, working at multiple well known Northwest Portland Spas before she opened her own business in 2003 which ran through 2012.

Since then she has been in medical aesthetic offices but decided to leave that side of aesthetics and join Bellini’s. Kelly’s favorite part about working at Bellini’s is the team of women that she works with, along with the amazing products and beautiful atmosphere. She enjoys working with all skin types but has a special interest in Anti Aging. Her hobbies include spending time with her daughter, Bella, reading, swimming, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

“Invest in your skin it is going to represent you for a very long time.”

SARAH MATHIS, aesthetician

Sarah is a Portland native who joined Bellini’s in late 2017 to be part of a team again, having had her own business, Art + Beauty Skincare Studio, for the past couple of years. She started selling skincare in 1994 and went to Aveda Institute in Minneapolis for training in aesthetics. She was with Aveda for 12 years and with Yonka for 5 years, joining with Yonka again, here at Bellini’s.

She loves to work with teens, starting them off on the right foot creating good skin care habits from the beginning. She also loves working with brides, enhancing their natural glow for the big day! Her hobbies include sewing and lettering and she has taken classes in apparel design, tarot, and herbalism. When she isn’t busy being a mom she is on a pool league.

“Love the skin you’re in, healthy skin offers you your canvas to show the world your true beauty.”

Hayarpi Iliskaryan, manager

Arpi comes to Bellini’s all the way from Armenia. She moved here with her husband two years ago and was thrilled to discover that the city’s beautiful surroundings are very similar to her homeland. “We’re both hikers, and we simply can’t live without nature and the mountains,” she said.

Arpi has always been into skincare and makeup—in fact, one of her favorite forms of entertainment is watching YouTube tutorials. Within just a few short months at Bellini’s, she was inspired to become an aesthetician so she could help other people feel more beautiful from the inside out.  

As for her favorite part about working at Bellini’s, well, she refuses to even call it work. Instead, Arpi views her time here as being on a mission—one that’s dedicated to helping people overcome their skin issues. She enjoys working with all kinds of clients and especially loves helping teens create a smart skin care regimen that’s just right for their skin type.

In her downtime, you’ll find Arpi reading, meditating, hiking the local trails, or baking her favorite treats. Fun random fact: she’s never been to McDonalds.

“Our skin truly reflects our lifestyle choices, so make good ones!”


Melodee Hansen, associate

Originally hailing from Port Townshend WA, Melodee has always had her eye on Portland. She decided to make the move here in 2017, and says the city already feels like home.

Here at Bellini’s, Melodee also feels like she’s found her tribe. “I love my family of female co-workers,” she said. She’s obsessed with all the skincare products and as a self-proclaimed perfume aficionado, feels a bit like a kid in a candy store.

As for her work, Melodee says the best part of her job is working with clients. She takes a gentle, holistic approach and carefully considers the unique skin needs of every person she treats. She particularly enjoys incorporating lymphatic massage into her treatments and swears by its ability to help the body connect to its own restorative powers. “It’s such a gentle, effective means for our skin to detox and rejuvenate,” she explained.

Melodee’s life outside of Bellini’s is filled with artistic endeavors. She studied ballet and modern dance and is passionate about singing and writing. She also loves to cook and is constantly experimenting with recipes using fresh, seasonal ingredients.  “I feel that life includes art in many forms,” she said. “Whether it’s food and music or skincare and perfumery, I adore all of it!”

“My number-one piece of beauty advice? Use Skinceuticals’ CE Ferulic or Phloretin CF under a good moisturizer every single day!”


Our shop is located on NW 23rd Street, between Irving and Hoyt St. We are next door to Prana, and across the street from Paper Source and Papa Haydns. Street parking is available as well as the option to park behind the building in a private pay lot, accessed from either Hoyt or Irving St.

Need more help finding us? Or just have general questions? Call or email us.

503.226.1526     info@bellinispdx.com

Hours:   Mon – Sat 10am – 7pm,   Sun 11am – 5pm


Q: What makes Bellini’s different than a store like Sephora?

A: For starters, we train directly with every brand we carry, which means we truly understand the science and philosophy behind each collection. It also allows us to match you with the products that are perfect for your unique skin needs. We absolutely believe in the skin care products we offer; not only are they internationally renowned, we’ve seen their results first hand. If we don’t love it, we won’t sell it.

Q. What makes Bellini’s different from other spas?

A: Our experienced team takes a more integrated approach to your skin, carefully considering different factors like lifestyle, nutrition, and hormone levels. Our thorough and adaptive treatments offer powerful results that you’ll notice both immediately and over the long term. To help support your skin care goals, we also take the time to educate you about self-care and home routines that will extend the benefits beyond our studio.

Q: Who is your primary client?

A: We work with clients of all age ranges, skin concerns, and treatment needs. From helping to establish a healthy skin care routine for pre-teens to keeping mature skin bright, firm, hydrated, and youthful.

Q: What should I expect?

A: Treatments begin with an in-depth skin analysis to identify your skin care concerns and tailor a treatment that’s just right for you. If you’re looking for fragrance or candles, we’ll create a personalized scent profile that will help lead you to your new favorite scent.

Q: I’ve broken out in the past, so I’m nervous about having a facial again.

A: Don’t be! Breakouts typically happen after a facial if extractions weren’t done when they needed to be. All of our estheticians are thoroughly trained in extraction techniques to minimize any post-facial breakouts. We also use a high-frequency tool during facials that is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Many of our clients who once struggled with breakouts return to us time after time because we were able to get their skin clean and clear.

Q: I have really sensitive skin, and sometimes have reactions to new products.

A: With over 24 years in business, we’ve found that different products work on different people. Luckily, we offer a wide range of skin care lines—depending on your sensitivity, we may give you a few product samples to use at home before providing a treatment. We’ll also conduct an in-depth skin analysis to develop a customized plan to best accommodate your sensitive skin.

Q: Do you do facials for men?

A: Yes! All of our facial treatments are customized to each person’s individual skin needs—that includes men. We also carry men’s-specific products from Phytomer and Yon-Ka for skin care and shaving.

Q: Do you provide waxing services? Can they be done at the same time as a facial treatment?

A: Yes. We have two types of wax – soft (or strip wax) wax that is antimicrobial and soy based, and hard (stripless wax) wax that is great for more sensitive skin. Most waxing services can be done at the same time as a facial appointment, time permitting. We just ask that you have two weeks’ hair growth when you come in.

Q: When it comes to choosing a fragrance, I feel overwhelmed.

A: We get it—faced with a wall of perfume at a big department store, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve decided to focus on a small collection of modern, niche perfume lines from true fragrance artisans. Our highly trained staff will take you on an olfactory journey and help narrow down the scents that truly resonate with you. And of course, we’re happy to send you home with samples so you can learn how the fragrance evolves over time. We want the discovery of your signature scent to be a fun, stress-free experience!


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