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Lighten Up $170

Seeing spots? Those brown patches are hyperpigmentation, and we can fix that. Our updated lightening peel starts with microdermabrasion to prepare the surface of the skin. Next, we'll apply potent brightening topicals, which are "pushed" into the skin using our powerful Dermakinetic light therapy. Dark spots are dramatically reduced for a brighter, more radiant complexion.

Pores No More $115

So long, enlarged pores. This deep-cleaning pore overhaul purges skin of impurities, refines your complexion and leaves your face looking clear, radiant, and porcelain-smooth.

Glamtox $150

Step away from the needle, ladies. The ultimate “filler facial,” Glamtox delivers instant gratification without the need for injections. This quick fix creates a luxurious second skin on the surface of your face to visibly diminish wrinkles both now and in the future.

Absolute Skin Recovery $115

This soothing treatment is ideal for skin in distress from the rough stuff that life can throw your way. Redness, bruising, scars and hypersensitivity are alleviated with gentle, calming products.

Skin Revival $135

Glory, hallelujah! You’ll be singing the praises of this rejuvenating facial. It replenishes sluggish skin and addresses the signs of aging through a customized treatment designed to boost collagen and repair damage. Results are nothing short of miraculous.

Skin 101 $115

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Whether you’re a skin-care rookie or just need a refresher course for your regimen, we’ll show you the best way to care for your skin during this customized facial.

Skin Quencher $115

Thirsty skin needs a deep drink of moisture. This luscious, hydrating facial nourishes and restores dehydrated skin, repairing your parched complexion and leaving your face feeling soft and dewy. 

Express Beauty $95

Feeling pressed for time but still want to maintain smooth, beautiful skin?  Then book the Express!  This 1-hour treat offers all the benefits of our regular facial in a more streamlined package. Give us just 60 minutes, and we’ll have your skin looking fresh and glowing in record time.  

Manly Maintenance $115

Whether you’re looking to stave off signs of aging or repair years of damage, this customized facial is a rehab for clogged pores, ingrown hairs, unwanted lines and sun damage. Step away feeling sharp, smooth, and groomed! Perfect for bearded and clean-shaven faces.  


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